Fire Queen – ontvangstact

Formules & Prijzen

Animatie: 1 x 15′

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The Fire Queen is a theatrical and elegant appearance, large of stature, with snake-like flexible dance movements, which welcomes the guests in a graceful manner.
For a magical, fiery and impressive welcome! For extra beautiful visual effects on your event!
Duration: In short acts of 10 – 15 min.
Material:  Fire costume, mega fire fans, soon also fire crown!
Adaptable shows to your event & Various Artists
Amarante also offers shows adapted to your wishes and requirements of your event; such as weddings, clubs, festivals, street theater, private parties. These shows can be performed  in  solo acts or in collaboration with other artists, with a certain scenario, free style or Go Go.
Duration: Adaptable shows in required time settings
Material:  All kinds of spinning tools, special effects & required costumes. Music adapted to the wishes of the client.